Funny ha ha – Pumpkin Spice

My dear sister knows very well I hate  all things pumpkin spice

Claire: Apparently the day after Labor Day is now “Bring forth all the pumpkin spice flavored thingies” Day.

Claire: Aren’t you excited?

Me: Why must you cause me such pain?

funny ha ha pumpkin spice @amynowacoski

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Funny Ha ha – Fifty Shades of Grey

In response to the announcement today that Charlie Hunna (who plays the character Jackson on Sons of Anarchy) was cast as Christian Grey in the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie

Me: Jackson does not equal Christian, sigh

Ashley: Not at all

Me: This has “bad” written all over it

Ashley: You can’t put a face to another woman’s erotica.Funny Ha Ha's of Fifty Shades of Grey @amynowacoski

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Funny Ha Ha Family Conversations – Care Bears

My folks are some of the funniest people I know. They don’t try, it just comes out. A while ago, I started recording them on Facebook, but Now I think I’m going to post them here:

“Care Bears”

Care Bears are like Hell's Angels

Me: You know there’s a Care Bear in the back seat of your car.

Mom: Of course there is.

Me: It’s not in a car seat or buckled in or even velcro’d or anything. You stop short, that  Bear is going right through the windshield. How would you feel being a Care Bear murderer?

Dad: Care Bears like to live dangerously, like Hell’s Angels.

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Sandy killed the Amazons

@amynowacoski - Sandy killed the Amazons

My childhood home was the stuff of legends. Literally. Our backyard wasn’t one of those carefully groomed suburban yards with perfect hedges. Is was a bit unkempt, green, overflowing with life and critters. You could always find the perfect twig for marshmallow roasting – long enough to increase your reach, but skinny enough to spear the marshmallow.

It was a back yard designed for imaginations. There were nooks and crannies, ample shade, good spots to hide and never be found. It served the perfect backdrop for games of war, flashlight tag, tea parties with faeries. My sister spent large portions of her childhood communing with a troupe of mythical Amazons that would stage war councils in the ivy patches. Now, we thought these were charming “imaginary” friends, until we began to find relics, like improvised bows and arrows and shields. (Note: Lil Sis was one of those Gifted And Talented Kids who spent WAY too much time reading Greek Mythology).

And I’m sad to report that SuperStorm Sandy may well have killed off the Amazons. I spent the day yesterday doing yard clean up. And its startling the damage done by salt water flooding.

Whole plants are dead. Plants that I grew up with.

@amynowacoski - Sandy killed the Amazons

The nooks and crannies are gone.

@amynowacoski - Sandy killed the Amazons

The Big Tree is down and gone. The yard is naked now.

@amynowacoski - Sandy killed the Amazons

But all is not lost. The Lily of the Valley is bright and fragrant.

@amynowacoski - Sandy killed the Amazons

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Artist’s Way – Week 1 – Imaginary lives

If I had 5 other lives to lead, what would I be doing?

Chef. I was a chef briefly. There’s something romantic and satisfying about cooking. I would create cakes and deserts that were a work of art on the plate. I picture myself covered in flour with sticky fingers having a mom tell me the cake I made her little girl’s party magical. And all your mistakes are edible.

Actor. It would be fun to spend your days pretending to be someone else. I picture myself getting lost in the fabric of a period piece dress, waiting on hair and makeup to transform

Tour guide. Making other people’s dream vacations come true while living in a exotic location sounds lovely. I picture myself hearing gasps and cries of delight as we uncover a hidden gem that they would have never found on a regular tour

Scientist. There’s part of me that’s drawn to figuring out how things work and understanding the world. And scientists have great gadgets. I picture myself discovering something new and never seen before, and whipping up happy hour team building cocktails in beakers

Yarn shop owner. Inspiring other people to create functional art is a pretty awesome way to spend your day. I picture myself hosting workshops where go “off pattern” and knit their own way.

The second part of the assignment is to pick one of these and go be that. It’s really nothing for me to whip something up in the kitchen so that might be the fall back plan, but I wonder if I could find some sort of science experiment I could do. Hm, Pinterest might be some help here.

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The Artist’s Way – The beginning

Beginning the Artist’s Way

artists way contract @amynowacoski

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Love, in a photo, and a contest

My cousin, recently married, leaves Sunday for training with the Air Force. His beautiful bride wants to win a photo contest for a Valentine’s photo shoot before he leaves. Click here, like the photo and help them win.

Love - Mark and Julia

Love - Mark and Julia


There’s a lot I could say about the photo. Great composition, beautiful dress, HOT camo heels, but most of all, the look on their faces is priceless.

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I took this picture of a Buddha on a trip to Hong Kong just before Hong Kong reverted to Chinese Rule.

Lantau Buddha Hong Kong

a Buddha in Hong Kong

Buddhism weaves in and out of my life. It’s like a shiny bracelet that I forget I own and stumble upon it while frantically searching for my keys. Oh, I forgot I had this. And I slip it on and reconnect with specific times and places in my life. Like watching the sun rise on New Year’s Day on a beach in Bali Indonesia, where the enormity of life and my karma wash over me like waves, cleansing and pounding at the same time, and I get profoundly I am responsible for everything in my life. Or I slip that bracelet on as I pick up a fallen ginko leaf from a street in Brooklyn, reminded that all things fall, all things are temporary and flutter away and exist in this moment only. The Buddha marks this page, not as a declaration of something that I believe in, or anyone should believe in, but as a reminder, like my shiny bracelet, that life is now and you are it.


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Reinvention and Revolution

I took this website down a long time ago. EONS in internet time. I wasn’t sure what it was about anymore. I was trying awfully hard to project a certain image and it just wasn’t right. I was trying too hard to be an internet marketing professional.  I had niche’d out my different interests and then brought them all back together and now I have niche’d them out again. And there are things that don’t fit in the other niches but still are me. My internet presence had split personality disorder. I run a health and fitness blog and that’s just not the right venue to talk about my current fascination about brain science or internet marketing or knitting or any of the hundreds of other things I find compelling. So this site is back, let the tinkering begin!

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